Know the Code

We Respect Knowledge.
We Respect Other Anglers.
We Respect the Resource.
We Respect the Future.
We Respect the Fish.

We respect knowledge and pledge to:

  • Fish with an in-depth knowledge of the species we pursue and the fisheries we utilize.
  • Understand and employ sustainable fishing techniques and gear, even if it challenges us.
  • Understand and follow local customs and practices associated with the fisheries we utilize.
  • Be aware of our fishing skills and equipment limitations and continually strive to improve them.

We respect other anglers and outdoor enthusiasts and pledge to:

  • Share the waters equally with others whether they are fishing or engaging in other outdoor activities.
  • Never compete, interfere with, or encroach upon other anglers while they are in pursuit of fish.

We respect the resource and pledge to:

  • Obey all applicable laws and regulations. Obtain appropriate tags and licenses. Obey harvest and possession limits.
  • Adhere to honorable behavior beyond the scope of law and in a way that will not compromise long-term integrity of the fish populations or habitat.
  • Limit unnecessary advantages in our pursuit and never employ unethical fishing methods or gear.
  • Obtain permission from landowners and never trespass on private lands or waters.
  • Never spill or dump gasoline, oil or other pollutants on land or into the water.
  • Never leave trash behind.

We respect the future and pledge to:

  • Never abuse, monopolize or privatize our public resources.
  • Share the attitudes, skills and principles essential to fair chase pursuit of fish.
  • Foster and nurture ethical, respectful and honorable behavior in young or beginner anglers.
  • Share this “code” with other anglers.

We respect the fish and pledge to:

  • Do all in our power to ensure the healthy release of fish not intended for consumption.
  • Harvest only the fish needed for consumption.
  • Properly handle harvested fish to avoid waste.
  • Practice and promote the spirit and principles of fair chase, and insist angling companions do likewise.

37 thoughts on “Know the Code

  1. William Benjamin white says:

    Thank you guys so much for what you’re doing. I believe it’s super important to raise awareness about respecting wildlife. Especially catch and release for species like largemouth bass. I’m very excited that I found this website. I will be a frequent visitor! Thank you so much again. Tight lines!

  2. Bo McDonald says:

    I am a lifelong fisherman with a healthy addiction to bass fishing. Ive always been a conservationist so that future generations can enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.I am so excited and honored that I have found this site and I congratulate and respect you for putting my and many others belief in The Code into words. Thanks so much for all that you do and for all that you are.

  3. Leo Bouchard says:

    I would like to see if you all would consider helping our cause to bring all outdoor businesses into one location on the internet. My father was one of the top Marine Biologists in the Country and has instilled fishing into my veins. I created so that people would have an easier time finding places to go throughout their travels in the United States. Now we are getting more and more support from outdoor businesses and would like to work with you.

  4. Steven Melhorn says:

    I wish more people respected the environment and thought about the results of their actions. Thanks for your work.

  5. Donald says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! I have bought all 7 of my grandkids their lifetime hunting and fishing license and will teach each of them the code.

  6. Kathy Rusert says:

    As a Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs (HOFNOD) sponsor, this is definitely a website that I will share with my students.

  7. dave nawrocki says:

    Well this ” code ” is the common sense that I have been doing in/on inland lakes,Great Lakes and now Salt water, for 50 years, keep up the good word

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